17 Gadigal Avenue

17 Gadigal Avenue

17 Gadigal Avenue is a recently constructed apartment building constructed for developers Phillip Bartlett and Janet Pennington of P&J projects.

The building contains 71 apartments of various types in a 9 storey structure, and forms the second stage of the Garland development.

The external appearance of the building is characterised by a high performance screened facade, conceived as a tapestry of fine golden weave that cloaks and unifies the various apartment types within.

The screen itself is constructed as a series of gold aluminium panels, perforated, folded and anodised in a subtle mixture of patterns and tones in response to orientation, location and the type of the adjacent apartment. The panels include fixed and sliding elements.

The building forms the second stage of the masterplan for the Garland site, with neighbouring projects due for construction designed by Lippman Associates, Alexander Tzannes, Alex Popov and Phillip Arnold.

The project was occupied in late 2011. Ground level works will include a small gallery space and green walls.

Ho + Lee
City Plan Projects
City Plan Projects
Collaborating Architect
Peter Reed (Stage 1 DA)
Collaborating Architect
Caldis Cook (D+C interior documentation)
Ross Honeysett