James Squire Newcastle

James Squire Newcastle

The Squire’s Maiden is the first in a series of brew bars across Australian for James Squire – Australia’s premier craft beer brand.

Authenticity of flavour and truth to materials are touchstones of the concepts which unify the designs.

Materials are utilised that would have been common in Squire’s time, however handled and articulated in an innovative contemporary manner.

The initial venues combine raw black steel, bottle colored amber glass, custom copper light fittings, and timber blackened by fire and bitumen to create a rich dark environment as a back drop to strategic branding elements developed by graphic design studio ExtraBlack.

The designs are finely crafted – from custom made light fittings and furniture pieces down to a range of playing cards that depict the stories of James Squires life and are used as feature wall surfaces.

The Newcastle venue was designed and constructed over a 12 week period and opened in December 2012.

James Garrett – Vogue Shopfitting
Richard Glover