Bondi House

Bondi House

The Bondi house is located a short walk from Australia’s most famous beach, and is the city home for a family of five who enjoy the lifestyle that the location presents.

The compact building is conceived as a found container – a two storey tea-chest of pre-weathered timber battens. The facade is a rainscreen – a layered veil that conceals window and door openings behind a series of operable shutters. The shutters reveal themselves in their open position, articulating the building form like openings in an advent calendar.

The screen itself is comprised of a mix of recycled hardwood, installed with varied batten width and spacing.

Internally, the building will utilise raw and robust finishes, suitable for the beachside setting such as concrete, fibre cement, recycled hardwoods and black oiled timber window frames.

Damian Hadley, Cantilever Engineers
Mardini Constructions
Compass Approvals
Patterson and Pickworth
Richard Glover