Hughes Street Car Park

Hughes Street Car Park

Sustainably designed for potential future conversion to commercial uses, the new Hughes Street Car Park is a striking new addition to the Cabramatta Central Business District. Through colour and form, the building celebrates the rich cultural heritage of one of Sydney’s most diverse and multicultural communities.

The project rises to the challenge of extending an existing car-park structure, with a flexible sustainable design conceived for future conversion to commercial retail and offices with the predicted advent of reduced car ownership.

The parallel challenge is an act of civic placemaking- the creation a striking new addition to the public realm in the heart of the Western City- celebrating it’s location and function as well as the rich multi-cultural setting in the heart of Sydney’s Vietnamese community, amongst market stalls and traders.

Our solution reconciles complex and conflicting planning needs with a simple solution. The external articulation of the building includes a facade conceived as a three dimensional tapestry of colour.

Referencing the bright colours of the market stalls adjacent, elevations to old and new structures, parking and ancillary areas are screened with an aluminium veil – a layered array of coloured tubular profiles that serve to filter light whilst allowing cross ventilation.

The new building provides a missing jigsaw piece in the planning of the CBD, and through planned changes in vehicle movement unlocks the potential for Dutton Lane’s potential future conversion to a shared zone, allowing pedestrians greater freedom of movement around the bustling market plaza, currently dominated by deliveries and small trucks.

The rich diversity of sensory experiences experienced on the streets of Cabramatta has inspired a unique architectural vision for the project. Characterised by a tapestry-like colour-field aluminium screen facade – the building is simultaneously calm and minimal in form and resolution, whilst at the same time appearing vibrant and playful. Contrasting the coloured surfaces, over time, the double-height green walls of native plants integrated into the east and west elevations will provide softness and a connection to nature.

Further sustainability initiatives include extensive cycle parking, and a roof-mounted photo-voltaic installation to power electric car charging stations.

The project was completed in 2021, and in 2022 was awarded a national commendation at the Dulux Colour Awards.



Fairfield City Council
Traffic and Parking
ESD and Electrical
Steensen Varming
Quantity Surveyor
Sydney Design Collective
Kane Constructions
Collaborating Architect
Studio Hollenstein
Richard Glover