Recife housing

Recife housing

In 2007 Collins and Turner were shortlisted in the 2nd Living Steel International competition for sustainable housing for a site in Recife, Brazil.

The brief for the project was to provide forty eight 50sqm 2 bedroom units on a brownfield site, for a construction budget of US$300/sqm.

The highly efficient planning concept is characterised by four main foci:

  • Narrow floorplates and breezeways
  • Minimisation of solar gain
  • Formation of pleasant and secure semi public spaces
  • Construction system utilising on-site and unskilled labour where possible.

The facades are expressed as a patchwork of solid and perforated galvanised steel mesh screens which provide shade, privacy and security. Other environmental initiatives include the integration of a cooling labyrinth below the building as part of a passive cooling system, as well as extensive use of solar energy.

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