Uralla Restaurant

Uralla Restaurant

In 2003 Collins and Turner were commissioned to design a new Restaurant and Guest House in the historic town of Uralla, in the New England district of New South Wales.

The proposed building contains a 50 seat restaurant, cafe, function rooms and 6 luxury guest suites, focused around a series of landscaped courtyards.

The building takes the form of an abstracted rural shed. Recycled timber, stained black with used sump oil forms the structure and internal ceiling lining to the restaurant.

On the longer north facing elevation to the dining courtyard, operable glazing is screened with a shade structure utilising a modern form of cast ‘iron lace’. New iron-lace patterns have been computer generated from analysis of leaf and foliage silhouettes and are intended to cast shadows which evoke the feeling of sitting within a shady forest canopy.

The lace screens will be made in the Uralla ironworks, 500m from the project site – the last remaining foundry producing iron-lace in New South Wales.

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