904 Bourke Steet

904 Bourke Steet

Collins and Turner was invited to participate in a design excellence competition for 904 Bourke Street, a 33,000sqm site in Zetland being developed and built by JQZ. The project comprises multiple building types to be located south of a newly completed public park.

North south access through the site will connect Zetland to the fine grain residential streets of Waterloo and is envisaged as a green link for pedestrians and cyclists. Below street level a large retail concourse will provide amenity for residents.

The proposal includes 336 apartments distributed between a series of stepped building volumes, linked by landscaped terraces, courtyards and roof gardens. Smaller terrace scale units are positioned to the south of the site, connecting the development to the adjacent Waterloo community at McPherson Lane.

The stepped and terraced building forms are unified by a unique facade comprising a steel lattice panel that acts as both balustrade and suspended sunscreen. The panels are folded in plan with a staggered geometry between adjacent floors, creating a layered sculptural appearance to the different building forms, broken up by landscape in vertical slots at entry spaces, on terraces and balconies.


Landscape Architect
Gallagher Studio